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ClearOne reinvents the traditional video conferencing codec into the Media Hub. See how the new Collaborate series has a range of feature-packed solutions starting with the simple Versa100 set that makes a huddle into a Cloud Group System for Skype-for-Business, Go-to-Meeting, Spontania or any other flavor your client uses. The top of the series CovergePro900 is the ultimate Media Hub, that allows:
1) In-room wireless presentation from devices to screen,
2) Cloud-based Spontania collaboration,
3) Standards based video conferencing with MCU,
4) Stand-alone recording of a local meeting or distant session
5) White boarding and
6) Streaming out to distant viewers.
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Move your technology to the Spontania Cloud or implement the Spontania Cloud software in your own data center.

Allow dozens to thousands of your users to collaborate in real-time, sharing high-quality voice, video and data on any device they choose— from cell phones to standards-based group systems.

Spontania is the most powerful cloud service available— putting all the benefits of visual collaboration within anyone’s reach–while removing the barriers of complexity and high costs.
  • Ultimate ease of use and quality
  • "Five 9s" reliability
  • Flexible deployment options
  • Richest feature set in the industry
Choose between public cloud, private cloud, and on-premise solutions, replacing the need for expensive infrastructure. Combined with our industry-leading voice solutions the ClearOne video collaboration portfolio leads the market in scalability, return on investment, functionality and quality.

ClearOne's Spontania cloud service empowers customers to deploy video collaboration without the heavy burden of expensive infrastructure. It also allows service providers and partners to expand their offerings by deploying the technology within their own networks, building on ClearOne technology to further their current solutions and offerings.

  • Low acquisition and operating costs— avoid capitalization of expensive infrastructure and endpoints
  • BYOD-friendly, users can join and host from multiple devices— PCs, handhelds and mobile, cell phones, softphones, even legacy video conferencing systems
  • Interoperable with existing IT and communication environments including legacy video conference equipment, PSTN/IPBX, directory authentication, scheduling tools
  • Light network footprint—optimizes bandwidth consumption to provide best possible real-time video conferencing quality, dynamically adapted to the bandwidth and device of each participant
  • Firewall, proxy and NAT friendly using standard port for no additional firewall configuration requirements
  • Easy to install, deploy and administer – backend web interface minimizes ongoing administration tasks
  • Simple to use, with intuitive user interface options for audio and video customization
  • Highly secure for even the most confidential video collaboration sessions, fully compliant with enterprise security policies and requirements
  • Compatible with Communication Enabled Business Process (CEBP)
  • Easily scalable with a distributed server


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